Confessions of a wanderer

If travel was cheap, you would probably never see me again! read a meme somewhere
It makes me happy to see more and more young women heading out into the world, brave, alive and optimistic

7 months ago when I left the U.S., I watched my moms eyes fill with pain at the airport as I lifted my 30 kilo backpack and started my journey to who knows where, my mind swarming with a million thoughts.10419489_10202193263447191_684360944392989098_n I felt guilty for what I was doing. Leaving everything behind and just going. I stopped and looked back at her, unsuccessfully fighting back her tears, and swallowed the enormous lump in my throat and tried to silence my thoughts as I slowly moved forward, beginning a journey that would change me forever. People I meet and talk to when I’m traveling always ask me what I’m running from. It puzzles me because I never thought of myself as “running”. I prefer the term “wandering”, or “discovering”. To me, running sounds like you’re running away from something, and I’m not. I deal with things, not avoid them. I’m not…

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