Travel – Dar-es – salam , Tanzania

I have this love love relationship with Dar-es-salam, not being able to be torn away from the clear water but detesting any time i ever had to go down town for an errand.

To make matters worse, it took me about 12hours to travel from Arusha to Dar by bus, add another hour in traffic just to get to town. My friend said he would not be picking me up for fear of being mugged (fair enough), but my friend Sera and her husband David were not afraid to, so they came to collect me

Dar in the night time is great, but even better during the day. It was so hot though that staying indoors was close to pointless, with or without a fan and so to the beach it was

These are some of the photos i took on my wanderings…

Would recommend going back, i am not really a hotel person neither do i have a relationship with lonely planet or anything of the sort, i just get lost, and this was me getting lost

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Hotel: I stayed with my friend Iiro right next to the Saudi embassy compound so you can understand what kind of place this was. The South African embassy was also round the corner. In terms of hotel, there is variety in Dar given the number of ”experts/expats” in the country, so you can have anything from high end to the other end

Food: I ate local food, street food in those kiosks by the road, and because of the Arab/portuguese influence, you can have your fill on pollof, meat dishes, and for vegetarians there is fish, unless you do not eat fish then you can eat veggies..i ate quite a lot of fruit in Tanzania because to me it was quite reasonably priced. Mangoes were in season, they were dropping from trees, cherries (no idea if these are local), oranges, coconut and Zanzibar has alot of cashews so you can find  these in plenty in Tanzania, although weird that the prices are steep since what is grown is  for export, thereby driving the prices up

Travel: do this local, you can take bus, tuk tuk and if lost the local people were really helpful pointing you in the right direction. I got sick and had to visit a clinic and a motorcyle driver took me right to the door of the clinic. It was also in Dar that i got in a road accident that left me really shaken up, like really shaken up that it got me to tears. I was limping for a week before leaving the country for Nairobi


2 comments on “Travel – Dar-es – salam , Tanzania

  1. I love how the locals play! I went to a natural well in Brazil, and all the locals were climbing up the rocks and doing amazing flips from ~3 stories high… or swinging from a long rope, into the water.


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