George Ayittey on "Dead Aid"

Africa is poor because it is not free – George Ayittey on ‘Dead Aid” the book but also Dead Aid as a concept in itself
I side with Mr.Ayittey in voicing that decades of aid to Africa has hurt more than helped the continent. No physical advancement is being seen, our hospitals are understaffed and without medicines, schools lack resources and stocked libraries. The gap between rich and poor is widening, with those that can afford it going abroad for medical treatment or simply having private healthcare in the country and sending their children to the private schools.
Africa can only be free if the chains of dependency are broken

TED Blog

GeorgeAyittey_2007G-blog_interview.jpgus195x284.jpgEconomist George Ayittey gave a blistering talk at TEDGlobal 2007, laying out his case that not only has Western aid not helped in most African countries — it’s actually hurting.

We asked Ayittey for his thoughts on the new book Dead Aid, which has lately been burning up the talk shows and opinion columns with a message similar to Ayittey’s. Author Dambisa Moyo says that aid is killing the very countries it’s supposed to help. She singles out for criticism the celebrity crusades to “save Africa,” and the skewing view they present of African life.

(You can also download the unedited notes for this interview, including reading list, sources and more.)

Dambisa Moyo’s new book is drawing new attention to the question of aid in Africa, and her thesis is quite like yours, but aimed at a mass-market audience (as she said on Charlie Rose). Do you…

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